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Watermelons - round and healthy

According to an old tradition, in Mediterranean countries the host always brings the most delicious of all watermelons home from the market. He tapped on his watermelon, weighed it and found it good. This watermelon should be as heavy as possible because after all, many want to have a piece.

Berry in XXL format

It relates watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) to pumpkins and belongs to the berry fruits just like current, spiked or raspberries. The largest harvest of watermelons is in China. Watermelons come to us from Spain or Greece. In the meantime, fruit growers keen to experiment have also established fields with the delicious fruits in protected areas.

Suitable for heat

In high summer it is a high season for watermelons. A bite into the red flesh reveals its secret: sweet, fruity and full of juice, it refreshes and quenches your thirst. It replaces minerals lost during sweating. The fruit’s own sugar of watermelons provides digestible energy. Thus watermelons are an excellent addition for summer picnics of all kinds.

Small but powerful!

Size does not determine taste. There are also small tasty watermelons. The decisive factor is whether the fruit could ripen under ideal conditions. Full-bodied, heavy for its size and of a hollow, deep sound - this distinguishes the best watermelons.

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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