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Potatoes - the great tubers

Concentrated energy mixed with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals has saved millions of people from starvation over the past centuries. Because the potato is so valuable it could feed “the poor”, it was cried out as poor people food and banished to the cellar after the “bad times”.

Boiled potatoes, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, potato gratin and mashed potatoes are once again conquering the menus of gastronomes and the local cuisine. Even potato restaurants are becoming popular. Crispy French fries are still high on the popularity scale for children. When fried, their fat content is no higher than that of a well-lubricated sandwich.

Whether they should eat the potato or unpeeled depends on its age. Young potatoes can be eaten, cooked with the (well scrubbed) peel. Older potatoes should always be peeled as solanine accumulates in the skin during storage. Solanine is the glycoalkaloid with which the potato protects itself from planting pests. In higher quantities, it is also harmful to human health. The best protection against this is always to peel old potatoes and remove all green spots.

Household remedies
A potato sack with steamed, still warm and crushed boiled potatoes on the chest is a household remedy for cough and bronchitis.
Cooked, salted potatoes have a healing effect after gastrointestinal infections.
Naturopathy uses the spasmolytic effect of potato juice

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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