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Round table: eating together is good and tastes good

More and more people are eating fast. Fast-food chains, pizza and kebab stands, fast-food stands of all kinds invite you to satisfy your small or big hunger on the side. A nutritional psychologist even points out that this nutrition can provide all the nutrients the body needs. If you eat when you feel hungry, you don’t have to adapt to any (family) rhythm and thus gain individual freedom.

Life is rhythm

Regular and balanced meals promote health and well-being. It speaks against eating only after desire and mood. Management consultants recommend an appealing menu and an inviting ambience of the company canteens to promote performance. They advise managers to take a meditative break before meals so they can dine in peace.

Together instead of alone
But eating alone is seldom fun. Where we cook food and eat it together, more than just absorging nutrients takes place. Conversations take place and it establishes or maintains relationships. As with any good meal, it depends on the input. Respecting one another, being open to one another, sharing with others - and all other values that promote a community strengthen each common round of food. Anyone who has already learnt the rules of the game at the dining table will carry them into society. It’s good for everybody.

It has said:

All proper life is encounter. Martin Buber

Who does not enjoy, becomes inedible. Constantine Wecker

Eating is human, digesting is divine. Mark Twain

Many people have forgotten how to eat - they can only swallow. 
Paul Bocuse

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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