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Naturally functional - potato in bread

We also like to collect health points. Functional Food promises us a lot. From a scientific point of view, however, enrichment of nutrients in food is not undisputed. We can collect health points

- with products rich in valuable nutrients such as cereals and potatoes. For example, with bread baked from high-quality organic cereals and “enriched” with organic potatoes, the potato is experiencing a renaissance.

It was once a poor people’s meal that protected the population from famine. Potato consumption then fell, because “times were getting better”. In the meantime, they are being recalled. Hardly any other food brings such a balanced combination of nutrients to the plate as the potato. digestible starch, high-quality protein, many minerals and vitamins determine its value.

Potato bread combines the power of the earth’s tubers with the energy of the seeds that have grown in the wind. In addition, there is living fresh spring water, the salt of the seas and the driving force of sourdough or yeast. The art of bakers is to find a balance between everything - and to continue experimenting with additives such as onions or nuts. Thus they create “new breads” with natural functionals, taken “from the garden of nature”.

Cake dough can also be stretched with boiled and crushed potatoes. It can find recipes in traditional cookbooks.

They often prepare potato pancakes and potato dumplings with raw, grated potatoes. To get dry potato dough, we recommend “rubbing” in an electric juice press.

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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