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Fit in Maths with breakfast

According to surveys, every fourth schoolchild leaves the house in the morning without breakfast. And it is the growing childlike organism that needs the energy to kick into the day. The body has consumed nutrients and energy at night. He’s now waiting for supplies. The Finnish children are exemplary here. According to the latest research, almost no child leaves the house without eating something.

Whether this is also a factor for their better performance in the Pisa study remains to be seen. However, many studies worldwide have shown that breakfast strengthens well-being and performance.

The morning begins in the evening
The start of the day begins the evening before. If children go to bed early enough, the next morning they are more sleepy and easier to motivate to get up early for a tasty breakfast. Then even morning muffles may eat a cup of milk or cocoa, some fruit, a yoghurt, a small muesli or at least half a roll or bread with butter, jam, honey. If you’re hungry for it, you’re welcome to join us.

Double cuts
The “break bread par excellence” is still the topped slice with sausage, ham or cheese, complemented with a piece of fruit such as apple, banana or some raw vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, pepper, tomato. Such a simple, good, prepared snack, supplemented with a drink, contains all the nutrients children need to stay concentrated and fit.

Multi layered
As an alternative to breakfast from home, there is often only the school kiosk. Some schools offer the children delicious sandwiches or rolls, fresh fruit and cold milk. This offer stands or falls with the fact that parents are also willing to pay a little more for it and children access it. Where this is not (yet) the case, it is still better to eat a sweet bar than to sit with a growling stomach in class.

First eat, then play
Not only the “what” but also the “how” determines the quality of the school breakfast. Several primary schools therefore eat breakfast together again in the classroom. Then no bread will fly out of your hand when you run, and no yoghurt pots will tip out on the schoolyard. Strengthened in this way, playing outside is even more fun and concentration is available again for the next hour.

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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