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Fit children don’t fall from the sky

“The fight against obesity in children and the promoter of a healthy diet are the most important nutritional challenges for me,” Consumer Minister Renate Künast summed up before the participants of the congress on child nutrition on 8 July in Berlin.

The balance so far is rather sobering. For almost thirty years the number of overweight children has been increasing. All previous measures could not change this. Researching the causes is tedious, clear factors tangible. It cites changed eating habits and increasing lack of exercise as the main causes. But fatter children do not eat more chocolate and sweets than thinner children.

I don’t think it’s just the food. Many experts are calling for something like a calorie-reduced special diet for children with low-fat chocolate bars - and a school that teaches children what to eat. Can this solve the problem of a social development that gives children fewer and fewer opportunities to discover their senses for healthy nutrition and the fun of exercise?

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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