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Athletes need good food

Sport involves discovering, challenging, and promoting one's own body. Those who eat well train more. Organic food offers ideal conditions for this. In the morning at the edge of the forest. The birds are singing. The first sunrays of the new day mix into the coolness of the night. Tau lies in the meadows and fields.

Those who are already on the road will experience an ideal time for walking, walking, running or cycling in the great outdoors and will discover how physical fitness improves with regular training. In recreational sports, unlike high-performance sports, competition against others is not the focus of interest, but for many it is also a part to become faster and better.

A natural and good diet provides all the nutrients necessary for the body to reach its full performance potential. For example, a hearty roll for breakfast with fruity jam and delicious curd cheese or topped with hearty ham or cheese, or a cereal made from oat flakes, crunchy nuts, fresh milk, yoghurt and delicious fruit contains the balanced mixture of nutrients we need for this. Despite all the prophecies of doom, our fresh foods continue to provide us with the minerals, vitamins and proteins we need for our physical and mental work. A "more" of performance-enhancing artificial vitamins, minerals or proteins and other, sometimes dubious preparations does not achieve a successful "more" in performance. Professional sport bears witness to this with its doping scandals, which not only cause careers to crash, but can even lead to deaths.

In order to exploit its performance potential, it is necessary on the one hand to strengthen the muscles and endurance with regular training and a wholesome diet, and also to accept when the limits have been reached. 

Organic food supports this process. It offers foods that have developed without chemical-synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers and have thus grown. Back to nature is not a nostalgic flair but a forward-looking perspective for profitable cultural landscapes all over the world. The self-propulsion of these soils is promoted by intelligent cultivation by organic farmers. This can be compared to the competitive athlete who aligns his training according to his natural abilities. Even if the natural sciences have not yet shown that consuming food from organic farming increases our physical performance potential, the experience of those who have achieved their own top performance with organic food is increasing. They draw their energy from a diet that has taken their nutrients from the perpetual cycles of nature and also contains their information for undiscovered performance potential.

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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